Quitting Smoking

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Quitting Smoking

If you’re looking to quit smoking, you’re just at the right place. Quitting smoking is something a lot of people struggle with, having been smokers for many years, many people find it very hard to give up the cigarettes.

I am here to help make that struggle easier, in a lot of cases even go away completely.

What I have found is that everyone has their own reasons to quit. Yes, there is a lot of overlap, but at the same time every client is also unique. Therefore I tailor every session to each client, taking into account where they are in their life right now, addressing their hardest and most difficult steps they need to take and making each step that much easier to take.

Some of the most common reasons to quit tend to be around health or money. Considering the health implications of smoking and the cost of a pack today, this is hardly surprising.

I can help you reach those goals, in an affordable way. I can help you achieve those goals, either gradually or even almost instantly. Which of those is very much down to you as the client. Your own determination and motivation sets the pace, and I am more than happy to guide you to your goal of living a life without cigarettes.

Just imagine a life where food tastes much better, your breathing is easier, your health improves almost on its own, you can start running again, your family doesn’t need to inhale your smoke, you no longer need to stand out in the cold on your smoke break.

Just imagine a life where you are much more able to do the things you truly desire in your life. A life where having a pint doesn’t have to mean you have to have a smoke as well.

A life, where you have more energy, feel more vitalised and energised.

Because everyone is different, I have created a package to suit most people and allowing flexibility in it for those that need something slightly different at the same time.

First question a lot of clients ask me is “How many sessions will this take?”, which is a fair and understandable question. Because were all different to each other, the answer is “It depends, mainly on you.” … Some clients manage to quit smoking after one session, others after four sessions.

Therefore I have created a reasonably priced package that includes three sessions and an audio CD.

Cost of the package is €250. Compare that to smoking a pack a day for a month, at €10 per day, you’d pay between €280 and €310 depending on the month, to keep smoking.

Just imagine, after trying Hypnotherapy, you could lead a much happier life, and save roughly €300 per month as a side effect!