Fear of flying

Anders Holm bio photo By Anders Holm

You or someone you know have a fear of flying? Does your heart race just thinking of getting on a plane? Do you fear the plane is going to have a horrible crash? Feel like you’re not in control of what will happen? Feel like you’re closed into a tight space and can’t move or breathe?

The above are very common for a Hypnotherapist to hear about when a client comes in with a fear of flying. All of those fears are easily addressed with Hypnotherapy. Most clients seen for fear of flying have only needed one session.

We would all know someone that doesn’t like the thought of flying, for lots of different reasons. Just imagine, never being able to go on that sun holiday, simply because of a completely irrational fear.

Why not give them the gift of breaking free from this limitation? Allow them to grow their wings and go to see their family and friends in far off lands instead!