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There is nothing better than hearing back from clients who have done something they thought impossible, but something they felt was very important in their life. Here are but a few such stories.

I came out of Hypnosis feeling clear-headed – entirely relaxed, the anxiety about sweets that I had disappeared, and I lost 7Kg for my wedding with no effort, as he changed my desire for sweets to fruits and vegetables instead. The feeling continued through a couple of months, that was enough for me, I can eat sweets again now, but much more moderately. Very recommended.

Paloma Munoz Breva

ASTONISHING! I went in with an open mind -I had a fear of heights and was overeating sweets. I noticed some effects immediately, I am now able to walk over bridges without feeling nervous. It is 4 weeks later, and I am hooked! My self-image has improved and I have a more positive attitude. I am finding it easy to ‘keep control of my eating habits’, and I no longer think of food all day! Believe me, this is some achievement, having been a ‘comfort eater’ for a very long time! I cannot recommend this highly enough. I am very grateful to Anders for changing my life hopefully forever.

Edward from Wicklow